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First Onyx Short Posted!

2010-07-09 03:18:19 by MrSnippy

After several weeks of work, my first Onyx short is up! It's a comic with full sound and limited animation starring my character Onyx! I have a lot planned for this series and hope you guys like him.

Onyx: Accidental Breakfast

Daneboe Tribute

2009-10-20 02:58:36 by MrSnippy

I just finished a tribute to Daneboe's Video Game Mashup Series! I really enjoy them, especially Sonic Vs. Pac Man!

Mine is Kirby Vs. Castlevania. It was a lot of fun to make and I hope everyone enjoys it.

Other Projects

2009-10-17 08:47:17 by MrSnippy

Before I started posting projects on Newgrounds I actually worked on a few other shorts. If you decide to check them out please leave some comments (either here or there). These things don't just appear on their own.

Phoenix Lotus

Unexpected Delivery

Thank you.

Hello! I posted a new character voice-over demo on here and am looking both for feedback and to assist YOU! Yes, YOU!

Whether it's a short cartoon for school, a project you're working on just for the LULZ, or a deep emotionally-charged drama, I want to help you!

Please check out my new demo and if you like anything you hear, call it out. Feedback helps me decide what stays and what goes the next time around.

Even better, if you want to use me in any current or upcoming projects I would love to hear from you! Thanks!


Need some voices? I take requests! New Character VO Demo GET!

"Breaking Bella" is my first submission here on Newgrounds, but I have been on this site for many years.

I love the Awesome series, and the Brawl Taunts series as well as tons of other projects on here! I bought both Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, and play them regularly. As well as Smash Bros. Brawl, HALO, GOW , and many other series of games.

I intend to actively contribute to the community more often, and provide some form of entertainment to everybody.

Please say "hi" sometime. I like making new friends.